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The Eager Conversationalist - Lutheran Hour Ministries Workshop

The Eager Conversationalist - Lutheran Hour Ministries Workshop

October 13, 2019

12:30—2:30 PM Sunday October 13

Beginning With A Light Lunch

Rev. Dr. Chad Lakies of Lutheran Hour Ministries

Regional Director for North America 

Will Present: 

The Eager Conversationalist

A Hopeful Look at What Prepares Christians for Witness

Jesus called His disciples to go as witnesses throughout the world (Acts 1:8).how do you do that when more and more of us every year are reluctant to even talk about our faith in everyday life? The latest research from Lutheran Hour Ministries and the Barna Group has revealed five key characteristics shared by Christians who are comfortable,even eager,talk about their faith.  

Lunch is included, no cost. We will collect a freewill offering for Lutheran Hour Ministries. Questions, contact Holy Cross at 509-483-4218. 

Registration is neceesary to provide an accurate count for materials and food. Please click the registration link below.