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LifeLight Studies


Our nine-week winter LifeLight Bible study, “The Christian’s Mission,” begins January 9, 10, and 11 with classes offered Monday nights at 7 p.m., Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m., and Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. Place your registration forms in the basket on the oak table in the narthex and pick up your LifeLight study book to begin working through the first week's lessons.  Or . . . call the church office (509-483-4218) and register over the phone.  

LifeLight Small Group Bible Studies are a great way to stay in God's Word daily!  Each class runs for nine weeks and focuses on a specific Bible book or topic.  The same class is offered Monday and Wednesday evenings and Tuesday mornings so you can select the class time that works best for your schedule.  Child care (free) is generally available at one of the evening classes.  

Prior to the first class, participants receive a study guide which contains excellent background information.  For five days during the week participants answer questions based on each day’s Bible reading. Then the participants gather for discussion. Daily study may take 30 minutes; the groups usually meet for 1 to 1 ½ hours. Each group usually has 10 to 15 people with a leader to facilitate discussion. 

LifeLight Bible Studies are open to all members and friends of Holy Cross, and offer a great opportunity to engage in a small group at Holy Cross.  They give structure to your devotional time each day by providing you with a small amount of daily study for five days a week. Then, once a week participants gather for discussion and to see what insights others have learned as well.  It's both a relational and a spiritual blessing:  a great way to connect to others at Holy Cross and to the Lord through his

In “The Christian’s Mission,” students will learn to GET Christ’s Forgiveness, GROW in knowing Christ, GLOW with Christ’s love, and GO tell the Good News.  As the study illustrates, the Holy Spirit works through the Word of Scripture and scriptural preaching to restore God’s creation back to Himself by His grace.  God’s mission is the Church’s mission, and the Church’s mission is the Christian’s mission.

Come study God’s Word and allow His light to flood your life.  LifeLight provides a great opportunity to benefit from daily Bible study and the privilege of joining brothers and sisters in Christ in fellowship around the Word.

LifeLight is for those new in the faith as well as those looking for a more challenging Bible study.