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Fickle vs. Forever Love

February 1st 2020

That’s forever love, first from God to us! Then, forever love from us to others. That’s something to think about before you give your heart away, on social media, or anywhere else.

Leading With Living Service

January 1st 2020

At Holy Cross we are entering into 2020 “Belonging, Believing, and Bearing Fruit in Jesus.”  That Bearing fruit takes place well beyond Sunday mornings.  It happens outside of congregational programs. As we head together toward our shared vision of “Leading with Loving Service to bring the Spokane Community Closer to Christ”  we each have unique ways that we can do so. Sharing those can encourage others. Take a look at how Alan is doing that. I’m guessing you'll find it as encouraging as I do.

A Prayer For Christmas

December 1st 2019

Now as we pray for it, we do so knowing that God’s salvation has a name, not Christmas, but Jesus. We pray for God’s salvation knowing that God has rend the heavens and come down in Jesus and that these prayers have been fulfilled. However just as Martin Luther wrote in his Small Catechism about the Lord’s Prayer, we are praying “that it (the answer to these prayers) may come among us also”!

Spiritual Conversation - On the Curve

November 1st 2019

Not every conversation has to include John 3:16 to be a successful spiritual conversation. Some spiritual conversations, that are meaningful, and helpful in drawing others to Christ may never even talk about the topic of heaven.

Post-Season Play

October 1st 2019

We’re in the Post-Season, soon the whole thing will be over, Jesus will come back and we’ll celebrate his win eternally. For now, though, Jesus wants us on his team and in the field, and players in the field need to be ready.

Virtual Word

September 1st 2019

Use your e-reader. Use your phone app. Use headphones to funnel it right into your ears. Or, use your good old-fashioned hard cover Bible if you prefer. Yet, make it your aim to put God’s Word where it belongs, in your heart. After my little shake up this week, I intend to do the same. Thanks Concordia Seminary!

Service Project Day: FMSC

July 14th 2019

Day Four: Feed My Starving Children

Being Real

July 12th 2019

Day Three: Sessions, Searches, and the Stadium

Real. Present. God.

July 11th 2019

Day Two: Mall of America and Mass Event

We Made It!

July 10th 2019

Day One: Spokane to Minneapolis

Fishing for Proof That Jesus Is Alive

May 1st 2019

As Jesus said to one of his disciples, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” (John 20:29

My Lighthouse

April 1st 2019

When we know and trust in Jesus, we not only are those who have the light, but he has made us light house keepers. Give a tour. Show others where to find the light too!

Homing People

March 1st 2019

Picturing God

February 1st 2019

Move Over Feng Shui - Here Comes the Jesus Way

January 1st 2019

No longer would they be looking for their fortunes in Eastern patterns of “feng shui,” or astrology, or any other quasi-spiritual path to fulfillment. They would instead be beginning the process of reorienting their entire living around Jesus.

Dispelling the Ghost of Christmas Past

December 1st 2018

Hopefully, this article will change the way you celebrate Christmas.   Not because you have lost your faith in Father Christmas, but because you find your faith renewed by witness of the true St. Nick. He is most certainly alive, only not at the North Pole, unless that’s where Jesus is, for the real St. Nicolas is with Jesus. And his message is changeless, age-to-age it remains the same, because he contended for God’s Word, and that’s a word that endures forever. Merry Christmas, from St. Nicholas to you!

Employment Opportunities In the Kingdom of God

November 1st 2018

It seems you and I are already gainfully employed in the harvest fields of salvation. It’s simply time to get to it. Read more for the job discription.  Of course there’s a perennial need to recruit more. You don’t have to be worried about being out of a job, Jesus said this bull market will continue until the end of the age (Matthew 28:19-20).

A Living Room Without Walls

October 1st 2018

The message to Jeremiah was that in the day of God’s redemption, God’s people would no longer need to wall  themselves in. There would be no need to keep people out, God’s salvation would be for all. There would no need to hide his glory, it would be for all to see. There would be no need to seek the protection of walls, the Lord would  provide for the safety and peace of his people all around.

Not So Sneaky Jesus

September 1st 2018

Jesus is not so sneaky so as to hide himself from us. As he was with his disciples in the midst of the sea, he is with us as well.

Bitcoins or Sparrows, What’s Worth More?

July 1st 2018

Our value is determined by not what people like or dislike about us, but by what our God likes and Jesus death insures it for all time; he loves you and me.

Speak Life

June 1st 2018

So you don’t need to go around with a speech bubble on a stick, but perhaps before we speak, thinking to ourselves “Would I want a picture of myself with these words printed on a speech bubble coming out of my mouth?”

Ten Talent Ministries LLC

May 17th 2018

Ten Talents Ministries LLC Hosts Love for Sojourners

The Lord says in Leviticus 19:34, "Treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself." Take part in loving the sojourners among us through Ten Talents Ministries LLC.

Peace Corner - May 2018

May 16th 2018

Do the words "I forgive you" actually make a difference? It is enough to just say, "It's Okay?" How about "Don't worry about it?" Read this month's Peace Corner and find out. 

Jesus Is Alive; Can You Dig It?

April 1st 2018

So Jesus is alive; can you dig it? No not out of the ground, but if you’re talking 1960’s-1970’s hippie slang. I can dig it! Can you?

Peace Corner - March 2018

March 21st 2018

In these Peace Corner meditations Gene Walth, a member of Holy Cross and a staff member of Peacemaker Ministires, shares thoughts from the scriptures that can help us find peace in life with God and one another. 

Life After The Games

March 1st 2018

Carry on in the race, skate with endurance, ski with your eyes fixed clearly on Jesus, not even Olympic gold holds a torch to the prize the LORD has in store for us.

Metanoia Moments

February 2nd 2018

This metanoia is what the penitential season of Lent is all about. It’s a time to recognize those patterns in our life that still take us in other directions besides the way the Lord would have us go. It’s a period of change.

Gift Tag Follies

January 1st 2018

So what is it that God wants from us? What kind of gift should have his name on it? In Isaiah 44:5 the Lord gives us the hint we need.

Leading A Post-Jesus World Closer to Christ

November 1st 2017

 In our post-Christian world our call is still the same. We look at the needs of the culture around us and what we have, we give. The most powerful witness in our culture is not what we say, but it’s what others say when they have been blessed by us in the name of Jesus.

Bearing Fruit Rooted in Reformation

October 1st 2017

The Reformation may have sparked 500 years ago, but it is still going, and will until we’re all bearing abundant fruit.

A License to Believe

September 1st 2017

 I would   encourage you to adopt this new Holy Cross mission statement as your personal motto. It’s more than just a catchy slogan for our church, it’s a simple way to remember what and who God calls us to be as his people; we are those who belong, believe, and bear fruit in Jesus.

Knot A-Frayed to Belong

June 30th 2017

Once people realize they belong to Jesus, and that belonging is realized through their welcome among his   people, they are now in a community where they can learn to believe in him, where their life can be changed by the work of God’s Spirit through his word. It all starts with belonging. Let’s knot be a-frayed to invite others to belong. 

Belonging, Believing, and Bearing Fruit in Jesus

June 6th 2017

 I want to introduce you to a couple of new images that you are likely to see around our congregation. These are expressions of our Mission adopted early this year 2017, Belonging, Believing,  and Bearing Fruit in Jesus.

Middle School Witnesses

May 25th 2017

Sometimes it’s hard to find hope, let alone the reason for having it. Ten middle-school aged teens at Holy Cross tell us where they’ve found hope and their reason for it. Listen in and you might just find hope too, and a reason for sharing it!

Remodeling the People of God—Limestone to Living Stones

May 1st 2017

You and I are part of God’s home makeover. Now are we a “flip” or a “flop”? This month we’ll focus on what Jesus is doing to ensure that we will be the right kind of home for him. Make sure to tune in this May! See you in worship.

New position opening at Holy Cross:

April 14th 2017

Holy Cross is accepting applications for a new part time Business Manager.  This is an accounting position that will carry out many weekly & quarterly financial tasks for the church (25-40 hours per month).  Click Here for an application packet.

A Billboard You Won’t Want to Miss

April 5th 2017

In the center of this April is a grand billboard that we call Holy Week. It’s God’s billboard. He’s placed it here to point us back to the spiritual landscape that he has situated all around us. The billboard depicts Good Friday and Easter, the cross and the empty tomb, Jesus’         crucifixion and his resurrection. 

My Odyssey with Sin

March 14th 2017

The Lord Jesus’ schedule always has time for you and me, and he holds the cure each one of us needs.

Old-Fashioned Valentines

January 30th 2017

This month, as your Pastor, I want to encourage you to celebrate an old-fashioned Valentine’s Day.


New Cross My Art Spring Season is Here!

January 30th 2017

Spring 2017 Cross My Art classes  begin soon.  View classes and sign up at  Brochures are now in the church narthex and the Fellowship Hall foyer--take a few and share them with friends and family.


Cross My Art Alaska--An Opportunity for You

January 30th 2017

Cross My Art will return to Gakona, AK, June 23-30, 2017, to lead a four-day art camp with the kids of the village.  We are seeking a couple of willing volunteers to share in this fun mission experience.


Thrivent Blitz-Build in Hawaii

January 30th 2017

A "Blitz Build" (ten teams build ten houses in ten days!) is planned for Hawaii in September 2017.  Learn how you can be a part of this amazing service project!


Recycled or Renewed?

January 3rd 2017

When God creates a new heart in us, he’s not just “recycling” the old one.  God's Spirit is always fresh and new in our lives. Trust the Spirit of God to accomplish his good through your efforts, and let your jars be recycled but let your Spirit be renewed.


Holy Cross Mission Possibilities

December 15th 2016

Share your thoughts on two proposed mission statements for Holy Cross. We're asking for five minutes of your time, tops - honestly! Yet, your thoughts will be a continued blessing to us. Thanks. 

"O Tannenbaum"

December 1st 2016

Have you picked out your tree yet? Those beautiful Christmas trees are a reminder to us of him who is himself light and life (John 1:4):  Jesus.


Polling for Your Post-Election Plans

October 28th 2016

So, once the election is over, what then? Really, what then? What’s a Christian to do?


Cross My Art Fall-Winter Schedule is Underway

September 28th 2016

Art classes for all ages are held in our own art studio.


Molded in the Character of the Creator

September 28th 2016

What molds and shapes us?



Going Digital with God

September 28th 2016

Bring your own I-pad, tablet, kindle, or mobile device, even a phone, to worship and don't be afraid to use it!  


"Tuned In"

September 7th 2016

Jesus is always tuned in to you and me.

“Spirit & Truth” weekly Sunday evening worship service debuts September 11 at 7 p.m.

August 26th 2016

This casual service includes modern music but features the same meaningful scriptures and message as our Sunday morning services. 

LifeLight Bible study begins September 19, 20, and 21

August 25th 2016

LifeLight Bible study classes are conveniently offered three times each week.

Son Shine Preschool Begins September 9

August 3rd 2016

Son Shine kicks off its school year on September 9 with classes for parents and preschoolers!

NYG 2016 - Day 6

July 20th 2016

Holy Cross goes to the National Youth Gathering:  Day 6

NYG 2016 - Day 5

July 19th 2016

Holy Cross goes to the National Youth Gathering:  Day 5

NYG 2016 - Day 4

July 18th 2016

Holy Cross goes to the National Youth Gathering:  Day 4

NYG 2016-Day 3

July 17th 2016

Holy Cross goes to the National Youth Gathering:  Day 3

NYG2016-Day 2

July 16th 2016

Holy Cross goes to the National Youth Gathering:  Day 2

Traveling To the Gathering

July 15th 2016

Holy Cross goes to the National Youth Gathering: Day 1

Cross My Art in Gakona, AK--Day 2

July 11th 2016

We grew overnight--more kids came today!


Cross My Art in Gakona, AK--Day 1

July 10th 2016

Oh, no!  We were locked out!


Cross My Art Returns to Alaska

July 1st 2016

Mission work combines with vacations and art for several Holy Cross members.

Spreading Salvation

July 1st 2016

Would you go to the Olympics in Rio?

We’ve Got Summer Sunday Morning Classes!

June 24th 2016

Looking for a summer Bible class?

Feeding 5,000

June 22nd 2016

Holy Cross to join area churches in October to pack meals for Feed My Starving Children.

NYG—Here We Come!

June 9th 2016

Ten youth and four adults leave July 15 for the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans, LA.

It's Here--Our New Website!

June 2nd 2016

We're at your fingertips!

Mobile Responsive Faith

June 2nd 2016

Mobile responsiveness is more than cell phone compatibility.

Bearing Fruit Rooted in Reformation

November 30th -0001

The Reformation may have sparked 500 years ago, but it is still going, and will until we’re all bearing abundant fruit.