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Cross My Art in Gakona, AK--Day 1

It was 1:00 Sunday afternoon and camp was suppose to start at 3 p.m.  We realized we had no key to the center and church was not held at the community center that day so nobody was there to let us in. We thought about holding class outside and stood outside our vehicle weighing our options. We then asked God what he wanted us to do.  At that moment a car drove by, turned around, stopped, and the driver asked us what we were doing. We explained our problem, she called someone to verify our story, and then told me I could walk to her house to get a key.

God is good and His timing is perfect!  We soon had 19 kids from two native villages join us as we learned about darkness and light and how God formed and created us as we created a "shadow man" and created and formed a face out of clay.  God had given us all that we needed to get through the day and to share His love with these 19 kids.


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