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Going Digital with God

Are you the type of person who pulls out your phone and hits the logos app when someone tells you to turn to a Bible verse? Do you scroll the Facebook feeds to see what’s happening with your friends in Christ?

If so, Holy Cross has just friended you. We’re going digital. Not only did we update our website so that it is fresh and mobile friendly as of this summer complete with sermons in both audio and video, news, events, photo galleries, and more, we’ve also launched into Facebook. Like our page. Then share the posts with your friends. You’ll find sermon clips out there that make a great outreach too for connecting your digital besties to the one whose been requesting to friend them since the day they were born—Jesus.

And if you’re tired of shuffling paper in worship and have wondered why we don’t just get a screen already, we’ve got a better idea for you:   bring your own I-pad, tablet, kindle, or mobile device, even a phone, as long as you can get to you can get to our worship resources right there on the front page. Click on the service you’re attending and the service will appear in front of you. Don’t worry about people thinking you’re playing with your phone during worship. Don’t be ashamed to go digital with God.  



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