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Holy Cross Mission Possibilities

The Holy Cross Board of Directors has been in a process of reflection and study regarding the mission, ministry, and direction of Holy Cross Lutheran Church. The mission statement "We are a growing community of God's forgiven children called to follow Christ" has served Holy Cross for more than a decade. The Board of Directors believes it's time to renew that mission statement. Over the course of this past year, 2016, the board has been studying the scriptures, the community, our ministry, our church's past, its present, and where God is leading Holy Cross in the future. It has arrived at two possible mission statements to direct Holy Cross's mission as the congregation moves into 2017 and beyond. Both are significantly shorter and simpler than the current mission statement, both are easy to memorize, and--most importantly--both are rooted in passages from God's Word. Please take a few minutes to watch the short (2-3 minute) explanations of these statements below. Then answer the brief survey below. We are so thankful for your feedback.   

Proposal # 1: "Belonging, Believing, and Bearing Fruit in Jesus" based on John 15

Proposal # 2: "Praising, Proclaiming, and Partnering in Christ" based on Philippians 1:3-5

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