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It's Here--Our New Website!

Our bright shiny new website has launched!  It has a clean appearance.  It features lots of places for photos of Christ's people in action--and we plan to use that space.  It doesn't look like a website from the last decade.  Best of all, it's mobile responsive!

If you totally depend on your cell phone, you will appreciate the "mobile responsive" concept. Perhaps some Saturday night you wonder, "Am I supposed to usher tomorrow?"  Pull out your cell phone, log into the website, and check the volunteer listing, all from the comfort of your couch. Easy!  Perhaps someday you need a member's address while you are out running errands.  Pull over, log into the website, and check the photo directory.  Easy!  Maybe you missed church the previous Sunday.  Perhaps you are sitting in the park enjoying the day and you realize you can actually hear Pr. Mike's sermon while you relax.  Pull out your cell phone, open the website, and click on "Sermons" near the top of the front page.  Select a sermon to hear.  Easy!  In fact, it's so easy that you may want to listen to another. 

That's our new website--and it's in your pocket or purse.  

You're welcome!

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