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Mobile Responsive Faith

We’re launching a website upgrade for Holy Cross this month. It’s hard to believe our previous website has been around for eight years, which is kind of like dog years, only longer (that means if our website were a human, it would be well over 100 years old).

DesignSpike, the company that designs and hosts our site, highlighted for us all the major features of modern websites. Number one on the list was something many of you have commented that our old site did not have:  mobile responsiveness.

Mobile responsiveness is what allows a website to be friendly to your cell phone, android tablet, e-reader, or whatever device you use to surf the web. If you don’t think eight years is a long time, consider that Apple didn’t introduce the first iPhone smartphone until 2007 or ipad until 2010. Our website was designed for computers, but already 2014 statistics showed more people connect to the internet on mobile platforms than on desktops and laptops. Mobile responsiveness is now a key component in gospel proclamation.

I almost think we could even make that statement stronger. Mobile responsiveness is a key component in our life in the gospel too. Not that our new website is going to help you live a more gospel-centered life—well, perhaps it would if it connects you to your church family and you engage God’s word by listening to the sermons again. However, I was thinking more along the lines of God’s interest that we live responsive to his gospel work wherever we are. Some of us have a faith that was designed for church. We know how to be responsive to God in worship. We’re quiet and reflective. When the word is read, we listen. When the music plays, we sing. When the congregation prays, we join in. That’s important for us, don’t get me wrong, but if that’s as far as our faith goes, we’re stuck in what we might call a “desktop” faith. The Lord’s inviting us to live in his Spirit which is mobile responsive.

Jesus said, “Whoever serves me must follow me, and where I am, my servant also will be,” John 12:26. That means as disciples we cultivate a faith that responds to Jesus not only at church but in our workplace, in our home, in our volunteer work, among our friends, or upon our errands in the community.

Do you ever pray before work:  “Lord what are you doing in the life of my coworker, and how can I be there with you?” Or before your three-day weekend:  “Lord, I know you want to accomplish great things in what I consider my spare time; how can I participate with you? Or before your visit with extended family:  “Lord, I’m eager to find you at work among my loved ones; show yourself to me, so I can show you to them.”

Perhaps this summer is a good time for a prayer life upgrade. This mobile responsiveness might just provide you a new platform for surfing faith.

In Jesus,

Pastor Mike

Note:  Cell phone image courtesy of by nokhoog_buchachon

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