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New position opening at Holy Cross:

This is to announce the opening of a new staff position at Holy Cross, the position of

Business Manager.


Attending to the financial matters of a congregation is a vital aspect of carrying out the mission of God, not unlike that of the disciples counting the number of fishes and loaves available among the crowd. Before Jesus did his miraculous work, Jesus asked them for an accurate count of what they had on hand (Mark 6:38). Knowing what resources we have, is an important step that prepares us to recognize the blessings of God as he multiplies those resources into the ministry that he wants to accomplish through us (Mark 6:41).


This position will be a part time, between five and ten hours per week, paid position. The person filling this position will be attending to the financial matters of the congregation including bill paying, payroll, tax     reporting, bookkeeping, producing financial reports, and more. This person will work with the Office       Administrator, the volunteer Finance Committee, as well as the elected Treasurer of the congregation, and will report to the Pastor. Through the Pastor the position will be accountable to the Holy Cross Board of Directors and will assist the congregation in maintaining accurate accounting practices and will produce timely reporting for our Board of Directors and Finance Committee.


The position is open for application. Please share this application packet with other believers you may know who have the skills, experience, and interest in serving the Lord in a position like this.  Click here to download an application packet.  


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