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Ten Talent Ministries LLC


The Lord says he loves "the sojourner, giving him food and clothing" and he encourages us to "love the sojourner" too (Deuteronomy 10:18-19).  Here is an opportunity for you to embark on a new and unique ministry of love for sojourners who are being settled in Spokane, WA. Ten Talent Ministries LLC (TTM LLC) is a for-profit business that offers housing to refugees and care for in love those who become its tenants. TTM LLC has two main goals:  first, to purchase housing in Spokane and make it available at a BELOW-MARKET RATE strictly to refugees who come here through World Relief; second, to be the hands of Christ to these new arrivals.

Up to 600 refugees are brought to Spokane every year through World Relief. World Relief struggles to find suitable housing at reasonable rates for these refugees. Landlords often aren't willing to rent to refugees who come with no credit or employment history in the US. Those being resettled by World Relief come from war-torn and disaster-ridden home countries and receive funds from the US Government for up to four years as they resettle and build new lives here. This is where TTM LLC comes in. TTM LLC owns rental properties and leases the individual units to refugee tenants. Many of these refugees come to Spokane not knowing how a refrigerator works or what a shower curtain is for. TTM LLC investors and participants also come alongside and provide basic instruction on living in an American home. TTM LLC investors and participants are a quiet presence to assist them when they have needs and answer questions they might have. Volunteers might mow the lawn once in a while or a member of the LLC might bring dinner for them. There are many possibilities for serving them. At the same time, we will be sensitive to not overwhelm them. When our tenants ask why this is being done, TTM LLC participants and investors simply tell them that Jesus has loved each of us and calls us to love one another. TTM LLC will not be shy about telling them more of the good news of Jesus!

TTM LLC is a member-run organization. Members are individuals who have invested at least $1,000 in TTM LLC. Major decisions are made by a vote of the members. Presently there are 15 members and one duplex owned by the organization. Rental income accrued and investments from additional membership will be used to purchase a second property with in the next year or so and a third three years beyond that. The first property will be sold in ten years, depending on market conditions, in order for members to receive their original investments back along with a fair market return. TTM LLC will continue to buy and sell properties as members agree until, God willing, TTM LLC owns and operates numerous rental properties across Spokane for refugees.

Consider becoming part of TTM LLC. For more information on how to invest or volunteer, please call the Holy Cross office at 509-483-4218 and the office will put you in contact with the TTM LLC investor group.

To learn more about Biblical Approaches to Immigration Issues and the Ten Talent Ministries LLC click the image below.


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