How did Holy Cross come into existence?

It was 1948 and Spokane was growing rapidly.  There were three Missouri Synod Lutheran Churches in Spokane (St. John's, Pilgrim, and Redeemer) and together they decided to help plant a church on the north side of Spokane.  Holy Cross Lutheran Church was received into Synodical membership at the District Convention held in Portland June 13-16, 1949.  The original congregation called their first pastor on June 6, 1949, and dedicated their original building on November 6, 1949, at 5122 N. Division.

After many years of service in the community, including helping with the formation of Spokane Lutheran School, Holy Cross purchased land at the corner of Nevada and Cozza and began construction there in the fall of 1989.  Their new building at 7307 N. Nevada was dedicated on May 27, 1990.

Holy Cross members gathered on June 27, 1999, to celebrate and recall the good things that happened over the past 50 years. The charter members built on faith; over the years faith and trust in our Lord and Savior sustained and built up the congregation of believers at Holy Cross.

Now the future of the Holy Cross congregation rests in the hands of the Lord.

To God Alone Be The Glory!